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The Emperor's New

Men's T-Shirt

  • Front view of The Emperor's New Men's T-Shirt (Multicolour on Gold)

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Our best T shirt EVER. And it smells like Butterscotch.

This PREMIUM T is only visible to those with the most sophisticated taste. We have had such an overwhelming response for these T’s that we have just produced a new batch, but there is only one in each size, and the colourway is as seen, though please do give allowances for minor discrepencies in screen resolution. Too expensive for the masses to buy, best only to order if you are a celebrity, actor, footballer or WAG. Due to a product recall of an earlier model we have switched to a more expensive supplier, with the correct governmental certification for the production of ‘The Emperor’s New’ Products which, from immediate effect, is reflected in a slightly higher price than the earlier model. But then again, you can’t put a price on not being burned or choked to death.

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"The Emperor's New" Men's T-Shirt Multicolour on Gold 3 days 1 × £5,900.99 = £5,900.99 Add to Cart